Opera for Beginners – Mozart: The Marriage of Figaro (excerpts)

2019. July 30.

”To learn to hear music a little better, to understand the world a little better and value life a little more” – Dániel Dinnyés says this was their main ambition when launching a series of performances of Mozart’s masterpiece under his guidance. After It was opened in Budapest where it was an instant success, the series spanned through the season and the current performance is a kind of summing up of all the experiences. The series sought to find the points where Mozart had musical comments on the text by Da Ponte. Here the public comes as close to Mozart’s music as would never be possible at a regular performance. Memorable experience is guaranteed by outstanding vocal soloists.


Story-teller: Dániel Dinnyés


With Klára Kolonits and Barbara Bordás – soprano, István Kovács – bass, Antal Cseh – baritone, Dániel Dinnyés – piano

The right to change the program is reserved

Admission is free!

Rain venu: Anna Grand Hotel


Organizer: Cimbora Foundation

Main sponsor:Szerencsejáték Zrt.

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