End-of-Course Concert of the Zoltán Gárdonyi Youth Chamber Orchestra Under Eszter Demel

2019. August 27.

Owing to its mature musical performance and sound, the Zoltán Gárdonyi is one of the most significant youth orchestras in Hungary. The chamber ensemble selected from students of the Veszprém Musical High-School and Elementary Art School is lead by Eszter Demel, an outstanding personality and widely acknowledged representative of the legendary Kokas school of Hungarian music education. Over the past several decades, she implanted the love of music and a commitment to quality into many hundreds of children. Many of her pupils have become noted performing artists, choir masters, conductors and scholars and if not pursuing a musical profession, creators of value in other areas of life. To quote one review, “the musical intensity of Eszter Demel has a perfect impact on the young musicians. Taking over from her every nuance, their performance reflects a great feeling for music and is simply faultless.” The multiple prize winning group brings to the festival an extremely colorful program of works by Mozart, Mascagni, Shostakovich, Dvorak, Bartók and Weiner.



Mozart: Turkish March

Mascagni: Il Cavaliero Rusticana – Intermezzo

Shostakovich: Waltz

Bartók: Microcosm (excerpts)

Dvorak: Slavonic Dance No.8 (in G Minor), op. 46/8

Weiner: Chardash

Weiner:  Fox Dance


We reserve the right to change the program

Admission is free!


Organizer: Cimbora Foundation

Main sponsor:Szerencsejáték Zrt.

Partners:Veszprém 2023 European Cultural Capital  http://2023veszprem.hu/ 


NKA http://www.nka.hu/

Nagyon Balaton https://molnagyonbalaton.hu/

MOL Foundation https://molalapitvany.hu/


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